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Invader Information
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The Invader Situation Right Now
In a distant future, the vastly reduced human population is faced with crisis caused by scarcities in most things essential to life. Scientists, eager to find a solution, no matter how radical, discover that cybernetic augmentation was the way to save the human species. Huge portions of the population follow their lead with the hope that it will better their survival.

It was a discovery that was viciously suppressed that those in charge of this new revolution were indeed militant and violent anti-humanists; products of a school of thought that was being fostered in the 20th and 21st centuries. As it was found that those receiving the World Government sanctioned augmentations were becoming hostile and increasingly violent to normal humans, action was taken. In Resolution #4391-0A. the World Government outlawed the augmentations, but by then, it was too late.

The military body of the World Government, known simply as the "Star Strike Interplanetary Army", was called in to suppress rioting and demonstrations against the government ban. But things got worse, as word spread that the augmentation process had spread to the Mars colonies, causing an insurrection that toppled the Mars Planetary Government. As SSIA troops poured into their ships to destroy the rebellion, the greatest act of sabotage in world history unfolded.

As the first ship started up, a virus spread among the entire fleet, causing every other ship to start up as well. The virus attacks culminated in a forced overheating of the reactors in each ship. In a matter of minutes, the entire SSIA Space Fleet was destroyed, down to the last troop-freighter.

Negotiations between the World Government and the "leaders" of the Augmented, who eventually became known simply as the Invaders, broke down. Open war was declared.

The Invaders had sweeping success in the beginning, eliminating the entire SSIA garrison on the Moon and ruining most of the European and North American districts. As the SSIA mustered its forces, the Invaders continued their unfettered advanced, causing substantial losses while advancing their own technology.

Eventually putting the SSIA on the losing side, the Invaders began purifying areas of human inhabitation, clearing resistance and converting those who didn't. The SSIA, making a daring move, reclaimed a decrepit, 300 year old facility belonging to the man Albert Einstein. Using what equipment still functioned, began to slowly remove its technology and best men to the past.

As the Invaders closed on this facility, remaining SSIA units attempted to destroy the facility, but failed. With still functioning, albeit corrupt data systems and equipment, the Invaders began calculating their next move.

They discovered their usage of the machine was limited to accessing two instants in time now- one in 2013, the other in 2019; and each, only once. Reconstructing a much larger version of the infamous technology in the lab, the Invaders opened a wormhole to 2013. Sending a large strike force, their goal was to solely eliminate the SSIA and its facilities before they could modernize the nations of that time. They never got word from this strike force, despite several attempts to contact them.

The Invaders concluded that production in that time-period was necessary, and that something capable of creating an army be with the second (and final) wave. Accomplishing this with an inter-dimensional command-ship, the Invaders struck again in 2019. The Invaders hit population centers and sought to destroy all resistance before teleporting the remaining civilians to their Command Ship, to be converted and kept on station for quick teleportation reinforcements to units in the field.

The Invaders, having similar dramatic success as during the Main War, must continue the onslaught and never give the EDF or the SSIA the chance to regroup.

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