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Star Strike Changelog
  Mod: Star Strike
Version: 0.6x Transitional Beta
Build: 2
Patch: Standard


*Veterancy Ratio lowered to 5
*Several animations added
*Several SFX added
*Several cameos updated
*Several VOs updated
*String Tables updated
*Invader Transport added
*Invader Artillery added
*EXE no longer auto-removes mod, to allow for further EXE patches.

Multi Faction

*Strength increased to 825 from 750
*Speed increased to that of a Gunship.


Rocket Trooper
*Range increased by 1.

*Can no longer target Medium, Heavy Vehicles, Structures or Ships
*Damage against Light Armor increased by 33%

Energy Cannon Trooper
*Damage against infantry reduced by 25%
*CellSpread reduced by 1

Eliminator Commando
*Strength increased to 360 from 300

*AA range increased by 2

Anti-Personnel Tank
*Can no longer target air units.

Robot Tank
*New Secondary Weapon
-AA Exclusive, fires ammo off rapidly

Juggernaut Tank
*Speed increased by 1 (33%!)

Raider Recon/Transport
*AA range increased by 2

Stealth Bomber
*CellSpread reduced by 1

Guard Post
*Can no longer target Airborne Units/ Airborne Infantry

AA Missile Turret
*Range increased by 2

Heavy Laser Turret

*Strength increased to 2480 from 2200
*ROF hastened by 1 second


*Damage against Vehicles, Ships, Standard Buildings increased by 40%
*Damage against Defenses increased by 25%
*Damage against Concrete increased by 33%

Tesla Trooper
*Strength increased to 240 from 180

*Damage increased by 20%

*Armor increased to 150 from 120
*Speed increased by .5

Delta Force
*Strength increased to 300 from 275

Light Tank
*Strength increased to 550 from 500

Abrams Tank
*Damage against Standard Buildings increased by 42%
*Damage against Concrete increased by 30%

Terror Drone
*Damage against Ships increased by 100%

Tank Destroyer
*Can no longer can attack Infantry or Buildings
*Damage increased by 60%

Apocalypse Mark II
*Speed increased by 1

Amphibious Transport
*Strength increased to 700 from 500

Tesla Cruiser
*AA Range increased by 1

Missile Sub
*Cost reduced to 2500 from 2700
*Torpedo range increased by 1

*CellSpread reduced by .5
*Damage against Infantry, Light, Medium Armor, Concrete increased by 33%
*Damage against Heavy Armor increased by 30%
*Damage against Standard Buildings increased by 50%
*Damage against Ships increased by 20%
*Damage against Defenses increased by 13%

*Cost decreased to 1900 from 2000
*Speed increased by 8%
*Turn, Climb rate improved

*Cost decreased to 2000 from 2100
*Can fire on the move
*Damage increased by 20%
-CellSpread vs Air targets reduced
*Speed increased by 6%

*Damage against Infantry reduced by 20%

Black Eagle
*Cost reduced to 2300 from 2500
*Range increased by 1
*Damage against Infantry reduced by 20%
*Damage against Medium armor reduced by 30%
*Damage against Ships reduced by 75%
*Damage against Standard Buildings, Defenses reduced by 40%
*CellSpread reduced by .5
*PercentAtMax increased to 0.15

Tesla Bomber
*Damage against Infantry, Light Armor reduced by 25%
*Damage against Medium, Heavy Armor reduced by 30%
*Damage against Ships reduced by 20%

B-2 Spirit
*Armor increased to 580 from 480
*Damage increased by 9%
-Damage against Defenses increased by 20%
-Damage concentration increased by 33%
*Range increased by 1
*No longer explodes with nuclear force
*Flight Height increased to 3200 from 3100

Minigun Emplacement
*Can no longer attack air units/infantry with standard, or MGE-133 upgrade.

Gun Turret
*New Base
*Can no longer target Infantry

Tesla Coil
*Strength increased to 1000 from 800
*Can be charged by Tesla Troopers again.

Nuclear Missile
*Recharge time reduced to 8 minutes
*Damage against Heavy Armor reduced by 50%
*Damage against Standard Buildings reduced by 30%
*Damage against Concrete reduced by 13%


*Strength reduced to 525 from 625

Laser Cannon Trooper
*Strength reduced to 300 from 325
*Damage against Infantry reduced by 13%

*Cost reduced to 600 from 800
*Damage against Concrete increased by 300%

Proton Tank
*Cost reduced to 900 from 1000
*Damage against Concrete increased by 300%

Fusion Tank
*Cost reduced to 1600 from 1900

Neutron Tank
*Cost increased to 1850 from 1600
*Can fire on the move
*Can no longer use cannon against Medium, Heavy Vehicles, Structures or Ships
*Uses Laser on Medium, Heavy Armor, Structures and Ships.
*Laser Range against Ground Targets decreased by 1
*Laser Damage against Defenses reduced by 20%

Nuclear Tank
*Cost reduced to 2100 from 2400

Plasma Tank
*Cost reduced to 2350 from 2750
*Anti-Building Laser firing style changed

Assault Ore Drone
*Requirements moved down to Radar
*Cost reduced to 1800 from 2100

*Damage against Aircraft increased by 30%

*Damage against Infantry reduced by 13%

*Cost increased to 1800 from 1600

Missile Platform
*Cost decreased to 3000 from 3200

Vulcan AALT
*Cost reduced to 2000 from 2500

Assault Transport
*Damage against Infantry reduced by 13%
*ASW range decreased by 1
*AA range increased by 4

Proton Firewall
*New Warhead
*Now Insta-Hits
*Range decreased by 2

Cataclysm Device
*Damage reduced by 16%
-Damage against Heavy Armor, Concrete reduced by 20%


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