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EDF Faction Information
  Welcome to the EDF Information page!

The EDF Situation Right Now
Following the end of the Second Red War (the events of Red Alert 2), the Allied Nations broke up. A brief period of ultra-nationalism took most of the nations by storm. The Soviet Union, with its military leadership decapitated, rushed back to its own borders, leaving a trail of devestation wherever they went- destroying several key research facilities in both Europe and the United States. Despite this trend of retreat, black-ops units continued to sabotage Allied technologies, culminating in a vintage V2 Rocket Launcher getting in range of the Black Forest and launching a missile that critically damaged Einstein's laboratory.

With Yuri likely dead, and Romanov imprisoned, the then still-existing Allied Nations forced a form of free-market and democracy onto Russia. Relations between the former Allies and the Russians were tense up to the creation of the EDF.

With the loss of many research facilities in several corners of the world, there was a very large drop in the technological achievements of decades following the Second Red War. This loss was augmented on the military side by increasing political liberalism and a general desire to avoid having such a war again. Many of the most brutal technologies of the Second Red War were banned and destroyed by the UN, with Tesla technology only being saved by a strong and very convincing Russian lobby.

The feeling in the world was that there needed to be a better solution to war than having the big guns ready to blast the other side into oblivion, so the concept of a World Government was proposed.

As an offspring of this concept, the EDF is a global military organization in which most the major world powers consilidated their militaries into a single unit. With strict laws and policies, the EDF was trained with the intent on stopping a rogue government or military force from creating instability in the world.

As the new millenium wore on, the EDF saw itself becoming more of a bureaucracy than a fighting unit, and the joke was that "the EDF is here so they can be ready to enforce global socialism when it comes".

Despite this, the EDF continued expensive and expansive weapons development, mostly on advanced ballistics and missile technology. Russia, still heavily entrenched in the use of Tesla weapons, provided notable contributions in the form of next-generation Tesla Combat Suits (TCS) and the now legendary Volkov Class Tesla Cruiser.

Even the much feared Apocalypse Mark II became an entry into the EDF's armored divisions, and a brutal helicopter known simply as the Gunship was added to the inventory of the EDF's air divisions. (this is a compromise, some Russian government members lobbied by the producers of the Kirov Airship wanted to have it added to the EDF's line up)

With so much united firepower pointed at any troublemaker, peace seemed to actually be becoming a reality. World leaders sat down for talks on a proposed World Government, but this was in early 2013.

As the First Incursion hit the world later that year, all talks of a World Government ceased as the EDF scrambled to respond to the mysterious invaders. Within months, the invasion was fought off entirely with the help of some order of mercenaries.

Suddenly, the concept of World Government was put on hold as the EDF began a massive military build-up; indications were that whatever hit the Earth in 2013 would likely strike again.

With the appearance of the SSIA in 2015, the EDF had another thing to worry about, as many analysts thought. Being a private company in the past, the SSIA had established several very large compounds throughout the world. It became apparent they were building up as well.

This may of been threatening to some, but the hope was that the SSIA, which had been fairly negotiable when reached, was not in league with the invaders of 2013.

Keeping an eye to the skies and an eye to the ground proved to be difficult to manage for the EDF, as they never realized the launch of the "Judgment" Satellite was indeed the launch of the first space-based weapons system.

In 2019, they did find out. The Invaders struck again, hitting minor and major population centers around the world. Brutal street fighting consumed the US capital, as EDF deployments in Russia drew the enemy into the open plains, placing hopes on the sheer manueverability and firepower of their units.

However, in the city of New Chicago, where failing EDF RRUs were pushed out of the city time and time again by overwhelming Invader forces. As Apocalypse Mark IIs and Gunships descended upon the position of the Invaders, the SSIA called in an orbital strike on the heart of the Invader base, leveling it and a good chunk of the city. The EDF was confused-
Was the SSIA an enemy, or an ally not willing to talk?

The EDF Campaign picks up from here, as EDF RRUs attempt to retake a smaller city near New Chicago that was attacked simultaneously.

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