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EDF Aircraft Information
EDF Chinook
Strength: 750
Cost: 1500
Armor: Light
Weapons: None
Range: N/A

The Chinook Transport has been the standard US transport helicopter for many decades and has proven itself many times. The Chinook is a medium armored transport coptor, that can carry 10 soldiers, or 3 light vehicles. It has gradually been replacing the Nighthawk Transport in Allied armies, which proved too frail and slow to function effectively. Chinooks are unarmed, but can take a beating before going down, but still it is recommended to bring Comanche or Gunship support in to ensure the Chinook makes it to the DZ.

EDF RAH-66 Comanche
Strength: 700
Cost: 2000
Armor: Light
Weapons: 30mm Minigun, Hydra Rocket Pods
Range: Medium-Long, Long

The RAH-66 Comanche is one of the most advanced helicopter designs to see service in any military. Like the Raptor, it is very fast and is invisible to radar. Its arnament consists of a nose-mounted 30mm Gattling Gun, with 4 Hydra rocket pods mounted on the wings. The RAH-66 Comanche is very effective against tanks and infantry, but not so much against buildings.

EDF Gunship
Strength: 950
Cost: 1900
Armor: Light
Weapons: 20mm Cannon
Range: Medium-Long

The EDF Gunship is based off a late Russian Helicopter of the Second Red War. The redeeming features of the Gunship are primarily its incredibly heavy armor and its nose-mounted 20mm cannon. Advanced targeting systems onboard current models of the Gunship allow for the targeting and destruction of enemy aircraft with the cannon, to complement its lethality on almost all other targets.

EDF F-22 Raptor
Strength: 405
Cost: 1600
Armor: Light
Weapons: NGEN Mavericks
Range: Medium-Long

The F-22 Raptor is the EDFs main Fighter-Support aircraft, it is invisible to radar and travels at a incredibly fast speed as to allow it to deliver its NG Mavericks to its target unharmed and get out of enemy airspace.

EDF B52 Bomber
Strength: 1000
Cost: N/A
Armor: Light
Weapons: HE Bombs
Range: Very Short To Medium

The B-52 Strato-Fortress is the airstrike plane the Delta Force Soldier calls in when he has a building to destroy. The B-52 is incredibly resiliant and carries a huge bomb-load.. When used strategically, it can be used to level enemy units by the target building, as well destroying the building. The flight ceiling of the B-52 allows to avoid most AA fire and allows it to reach its target almost every time. The B-52 will probably last to about the mid 2040's.

EDF Tesla Bomber
Strength: 720
Cost: 2250
Armor: Light
Weapons: Tesla Bombs
Range: Low to Medium

This Russian support plane is the finest example of tesla power. The Tesla Bomber drops bombs loaded with electrical energy, which can level buildings and infantry formations with no trouble. No bomber can sink ships quite as effectively as the Tesla Bomber can. It carries 2 loads of bombs, and drops them far from the target. One perculiar characteristic of crew training on these aircraft is the bomb swing manuever, in which the plane drops its first load, flies by the target, turns around and drops the second load during that turn, forming a cresent.

EDF Black Eagle
Strength: 460
Cost: 2500
Armor: Light
Weapons: Fuel Air Bomb
Range: Medium

The Black Eagle was Korea's best aircraft, and one of the best in the world for almost two decades following the Second Red War. Although relatively cost inefficient and slow compared to modern planes, the Black Eagle carries a powerful weapon. The Fuel Air Bomb. This weapon explodes at the altitude that most helicopters fly at. Thus, all aircraft in the area of the initial explosion are destroyed. When that happens, fuel is released onto the ground, it detonates, creating 6 to 8 explosions that level everything in the impact zone.

Strength: 170
Cost: N/A
Armor: Light
Weapons: MRM-02 Mavericks
Range: Medium-Long

The F-35C JSF is the EDF Aircraft Carrier assault plane. It is armed with a salvo of MRM-02 Mavericks, which are essentially laser guided missiles that can target everything from Airplanes to concrete bunkers. The JSF is best suited to handling enemy buildings of all kinds, but is not suited to destroy vehicles.

B2 Spirit Nuclear Bomber
Strength: 480
Cost: 4000
Armor: Light
Weapons: Tactical Nuclear Missile
Range: Medium-Long

The B2 Spirit is the EDF's version of "Death From Above". Armed with a single tactical nuclear missile, it is the most lethal aircraft to fly the skies. The B2's flight ceiling far exceeds most aircraft, which attributes its very high survival rate. The B2 is in limited supply and only two can be allocated to a commander. It is rumored that the EDF has been working with a cloaking system for the plane to complement its inherent invisibility to radar.

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