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EDF Infantry Information
EDF Marine
Strength: 140
Cost: 250
Armor: Flak
Weapons: M16A2 Assault Rifle
Range: Medium

The Marine is the EDFs standard assault trooper. He carries the M16A2 Assault Rifle as his primary weapon

EDF Anti Armor Trooper
Strength: 175
Cost: 600
Armor: Flak
Weapons: : M62 LMG, Javelin ATGM
Range: Medium-Long, Medium-Long

The Anti Armor Trooper is the EDF's basis anti-armor defense. These troopers are equipped with M62 LMGs and can be used to repel infantry assaults. Unlike Marines, they can deploy, and when they do this, they can use their Javelin ATGMs. This slow firing lethal missile launcher has been found to be a quick killer of most armored vehicles, and can dish out extreme damage to defensive structures.

EDF Engineer
Strength: 110
Cost: 500
Armor: Flak
Weapons: : Repair Tools
Range: N/A

The engineers of the EDF and SS Armies are joint-trained and are the best at repairing and capturing structures. Engineers, although their purpose is the same, they now have been given protective armor to make it more likely to make it to the target.

EDF Medic
Strength: 180
Cost: 600
Armor: None
Weapons: : Medikits and Stimpacks
Range: Melee

The Medic is a part of the EDF/SS joint-training program. The presence of medics in a infantry formation can keep a infantry attack or defense going for up to twice as long.

EDF Anti-Aircraft Missile Trooper
Strength: 150
Cost: 450
Armor: None
Weapons: Portable Air to Air Missile Launcher
Range: Medium(ground targets) to Medium-Long (AA)

EDF Shock Trooper
Strength: 180
Cost: 500
Armor: Plate
Weapons: Tesla Generator
Range: Short

The Shock Trooper was yet another ex-class of Soviet soldier. With heavy plate armor and a powerful Tesla weapon, the Shock Trooper is a dangerous mid-tier infantry unit. The Russians have enhanced the generators on the Shock Trooper, enhancing its range, and firepower. With their resistance to being crushed and to weapons fire to a degree, Shock Troopers have proved themselves countless times to be invaluable in the war against the invaders.

EDF Sniper
Strength: 100
Cost: 900
Armor: None
Weapons: M-25 Sniper Rifle
Range: Very Long

The British Sniper Corps has the best snipers in the world. These elite soldiers with their weapons incredible range can thin the ranks of a enemy infantry battalion in a short amount of time without fear of retaliation. The .50cal rounds used by EDF Snipers are fairly effective against drones as well as infantry.

Strength: 120
Cost: 1000
Armor: Flak
Weapons: Make-up Kit
Range: N/A

The Spy is one of the most useful infantry that can be commanded. He can disguise as a enemy soldier, infiltrate a enemy building, and do something that would be of benefit to their commanders. It may be Radar sabotage, power sabotage, or veterancy for units or infantry. Certain Special Op units can spot spies, so be careful and watch the enemy for these units.

EDF Chrono Legionnaire
Strength: 145
Cost: 1700
Armor: None
Weapons: Temporal Displacement Weapon
Range: Medium-Long

Chrono Legionaires are specially equipped soldiers who originate from the Second Red War. Movement is not achieved by traditional means, but rather through an advanced command interface, and attacking is not achieved by killing your enemy. The Chrono Legionnaire is equipped with a Temporal Displacement Weapon, an innovation of the Second Red War that allowed for these soldiers to actually remove the existance of enemy units from history. About 4 years prior to the Illinois Desolator Terrorist crackdown, the Allies equipped Chrono Legionnaire combat suits with NBC protection. Recent changes in the weapon and chrono-pack allow the Chrono Legionnaire to move around the battle even faster than ever, and a upgraded weapon can erase units at triple the rate of the older weapon.

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