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EDF Navy Information
Strength: 400
Cost: 1000
Armor: Ship
Weapons: Rapid Fire 14.7mm Machine Guns
Range: Medium-Long

The PT Boat is the EDF's basic ship and an excellent raider. Armed with dual 14.7mm Machine Guns,though inaccurate, it can rip apart enemy infantry and light armored units in seconds. Recently, munitions onboard PT Boats was switched from standard AP to DU, providing PT Boats with a method to effectively attack ships as well. The best asset of the PT Boat is its speed and ability to enter the blind zones of enemy ships.

EDF Missile Destroyer
Strength: 1100
Cost: 2000
Armor: Ship
Weapons: 5in Naval Gun, ASW/AA Missiles
Range: Long(Deck Gun), Long(AA), Medium (ASW)

The Burke Class Missile Destroyer is the workhorse of the EDF Navy. Armed with a 155mm deck-gun ideal for shore bombardment and several racks of guided Anti-Sub and Anti-Air Missiles, it takes on the role of fleet defense and offense excellently.

EDF Tesla Cruiser
Strength: 1050
Cost: 2400
Armor: Ship
Weapons: Tesla Bolt, Quad 30mm Vulcan
Range: Medium-Long, Medium-Long

The Volkov Class Tesla Cruiser is the Russian navy's latest ship design. Mounting a Tesla Coil and 4 30mm Vulcan Cannons, the Tesla Cruiser is a force to be reckoned with. Powerful against all vehicles, tanks, and infantry, not many units can take many blows from this ship. The quad-battery is very inaccurate, but is the ideal defense against clusters of weak or slow moving air units.

EDF Cruise Missile Sub
Strength: 500
Cost: 2700
Armor: Ship
Weapons: Cruise Missiles, Naval Torpedoes
Range: Very Long, Medium-Long

The Missile Sub is the EDFs way of striking from below. Capable of launching salvos of SSMs that can level buildings and destroy tanks, the Missile Sub is the perfect base defense, and one of the best means of attack from the sea. In wolf-packs, the Missile Sub is a sea-controlling vessel. When confronted with ships, it launches torpedoes which can pierce and destroy even the most well protected ships in a few direct hits. The single greatest threat to the Missile Sub is any Destroyer, which can send a Missile Sub to the bottom of the sea with little trouble.

EDF Landing Craft
Strength: 500
Cost: 1200
Armor: Ship
Weapons: None
Range: N/A

The Landing Craft is a amphibious transport used for the movement of infantry, tanks and other ground units around the battlefield. When compared to previous versions of the Landing Craft, this model carries a lot more. It can carry up to 12 passengers.

EDF Aircraft Carrier
Strength: 2400
Cost: 7000
Armor: Ship
Weapons: 6 JSF Aircraft
Range: Extreme

The Aircraft Carrier is literally the flag ship of the EDF Navy. It is one of the great symbols of naval power. With a incredible strike range and ability to destroy most targets with ease, the Aircraft Carrier can often be the only unit needed to sustain a prolonged siege of a enemy base. Each EDF Carrier has a flight-wing of 6 JSFs. See the Aircraft Section for info on the JSF. Aircraft Carriers are most prone to aerial attack and attack by units that require sensors to detect.

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