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EDF Special Unit Information
EDF Battleship
Strength: 2500
Cost: 5000
Armor: Ship
Weapons: 16in Cannons, Sea Spear AA/ASW Missiles
Range: Incredibly Long, Long

The Battleship has the most powerful naval weapons known to man mounted on it. Unlike previous Battleships, the new EDF Battleship has 1 gun turret with 3 16in Guns and 3 Sea Spear Missile Launchers. The 16in guns of EDF Battleships are tipped with warheads powerful enough to cripple large formations of ground units and inflict mass damage upon enemy fleet formations. The range of these shells is absurd. Just because of these cannons is the Battleship the number one ground support ship in service with the EDF Navy. The Sea Spear Missile is the newest development in AA/ASW missiles. These missiles can destroy clustered aircraft, and sink enemy subs in only a few salvos. Keep an out for bombers when commanding these units.

EDF Spetsnaz
Strength: 200
Cost: 1500
Armor: Plate
Weapons: AKM MG, C4
Range: Medium-Long, Melee

The Elite Russian Special Ops, or Spetsnaz have been in service since the Cold War. Armed with AKM Machine Gun, these elite soldiers specialize in destroying light armor and infantry. They are also trained to use C4 to destroy up enemy buildings when neccessary. Spetsnaz are quick, well armored and are nearly equally to the SEALs in training. Although they cannot swim, they can spot enemy spies and are equipped with thermal imaging devices, allowing them to detect stealth units at a short range; an invaluable defense.

Strength: 215
Cost: 1500
Armor: Plate
Weapons: MP5, C4
Range: Medium-Long, Melee

The US Navy SEAL is one of the world's best soldiers. Specializing in demolitions, sabotage, anti-infantry, raids, assaults, defenses, airdrops, landings, and cooperation with armored attacks, the SEAL is the most versatile soldier on the battlefield. Armed with a MP5 SMG and several charges of C4, the SEAL is a force to be reckoned with. With his SMG, he can mow down vast amounts of enemy soldiers, often without taking return fire. Like Spetsnaz Ops, he can C4 buildings. SEALs can swim unlike Spetsnaz, but cannot detect enemy spies.

EDF Delta Force OP
Strength: 275
Cost: 1750
Armor: Plate
Weapons: M252 MG, Laser Designator
Range: Medium-Long, Very Long

The Delta Force is the EDF's elite CT/Special Forces. Only a small squad of these men can be deployed on the battlefield at the same time. Delta Ops, while being counter-terrorist, were reassigned to more conventional war. To compete in this newer environment, Delta Ops were trained to use M252 Squad MGs, a relatively new firearm. What makes this weapon unit is the type of munition it fires, which is theoritically powerful enough to damage tank armor. The true ability of the Delta Force Operative however, is the ability to paint targets for B-52 strikes.. See the B52 section in the aircraft page for more info. Like the SEAL, the Delta OP can swim, and like Spetsnaz Ops, can spot spies.

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