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EDF Vehicle Information
EDF Light Tank
Strength: 500
Cost: 800
Armor: Heavy
Weapons: 90mm Cannon
Range: Medium-Long

The EDF Light Tank, also known as the M70 is an EDF recon vehicle designed for use against guerilla forces in the early 21st century. Crews came to love the vehicle for its high-speed, smooth ride and ease to maintain and it became a staple for EDF armored divisions. Although originally equipped with a 75mm rapid-fire cannon, feedback ended up getting it replaced with a more powerful 90mm cannon. The weak gun was the only thing that ended up getting improved on the M70s design, the original armor package was not well intended to accept modifications. Despite this, it remained a mainstay of EDF armored units.
EDF M1A3 Abrams
Strength: 750
Cost: 1000
Armor: Heavy
Weapons: 120mm M256, M-AGM-132
Range: Medium-Long, Medium-Long

The M1A3 Abrams Main Battle Tank is world's premier battle tank. Throughout the final stages of the Second Red War, the M1 "Thunderbolt" as it was called, served with great effectiveness against the Rhino and Apocalypse Tank. It was so feared by the Soviets, they called it the scourge of their ground forces. After the war, newer versions such as the M1A1 and M1A2 were being developed. In Desert Storm and the First Incursion, they demonstrated their worth against T-72s and the invader's armor. The M1A3 is armed with the M256 120mm gun, firing DU rounds. In 2014, M1A3s were upgraded to M1A3V5s, which featured the new M-AGM-132 anti-infantry missile, an alternative to the typical machine gun. The other improvement was a new armor package that covered more of the hull from ballistic weapons.

Strength: 225
Cost: 600
Armor: light
Weapons: Browning .50Cal Heavy MG, (elite) TOW Missile
Range: Medium, Medium-Long

The HMVEE has been the primary US recon vehicle for over 3 decades. The main function of the HMVEE is raiding, and can carry 3 troopers inside, who can fire out of it. The HMVEE is fast, but is not equipped with any type of ceramic armor, meaning that almost all weapons fire can damage and destroy it.

EDF M2A5 Bradley IFV
Strength: 525
Cost: 800
Armor: Medium
Weapons: 25mm Bushmaster Cannon, TOW-3 Missile
Range: Medium, Long

The Bradley IFV like most EDF equipment, is supplied and manufactured by the US. The Bradley IFV has a lethal 25mm Bushmaster Chaingun as its primary weapon, which is used to engage infantry and lightly armored units. When confronted with aircraft, buildings or heavy armor, the mounted TOW-3 Missile is the weapon of choice. Bradleys can carry 5 soldiers, but following the M2A4, gunports were removed from the sides of the vehicle.

EDF Tank Destroyer(PZ-140)
Strength: 700
Cost: 1500
Armor: Heavy
Weapons: 140mm SHVDPU
Range: Long

The German PZ-140 Tank Destroyer is believed to be the last remaining tank destroyer vehicles in service with any army. This is mainly because of the 140mm SHVDPU round it fires. It has astounding range and firepower, and is lethally accurate. The damage this shell does to buildings and infantry is decent, but nothing worth cheering for. The Tank Destroyers heavy armor allows it to take a huge beating before being destroyed. It has one major weakness, and that is aerial attack.

EDF Avenger
Strength: 250
Cost: 1400
Armor: Light
Weapons: Long Range Stinger Missiles
Range: Very Long

The HMVEE Avenger is a modification of the HMVEE designed for anti-aircraft support. Avengers have a rear-mounted turret equipped with 2nd generation LR Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, and are equipped with advanced sensor units. With this, Avengers have also seen duty as sentry units and patrol vehicles, despite lacking anti-ground weapons.

EDF Terror Drone
Strength: 225
Cost: 500
Armor: Metallic
Weapons: Disassembling tools
Range: Melee

The Terror Drone is tried unit from the Second Red War. It was used by the Soviets to rip apart enemy tanks and soldiers, but after the war ended, its main function became guarding installions in the new Russian Democracy. The Terror Drone has undergone incredible enhancements, and can cripple vehicles nearly twice as fast as before.

EDF Chrono Miner
Strength: 1800
Cost: 1500
Armor: Medium
Weapons: None
Range: N/A

The Chrono Miner is the main EDF way of transporting valuable minerals such as ore to Refineries. It is a slow, heavily armored machine, that drives to ore patches, and when full, teleports back to the nearest Ore Refinery to drop off its load. The Chrono Miner is unarmed, so make sure to guard it at all times.

EDF Railgun Tank
Strength: 500
Cost: 1800
Armor: Heavy
Weapons: 90mm Railgun
Range: Very Long

The EDF Railgun Tank is based on an experimental Medium Tank that was once considered to replace the aging, but highly successful Abrams series. Railgun research seems to have been a popular subject in the past, as the EDF has attributed the success of the Railgun Tank to the work already done by the Allies and now-disbanded GDI. Railers, as they have come to be known as, are equipped with a prototype 90mm railgun. The most notable effect of this model is the penetration abilities it has- no armor has shown an ability to stop the shell. This means that the shell will pass through all objects on its way to the target, damaging them as well.

EDF AMX 30- Pluton
Strength: 400
Cost: 3700
Armor: Medium
Weapons: X-133 Ion Missile
Range: Extreme

The French AMX-30 Pluton is a platform for the extremely lethal X-133 Ion Missile. This missile theroretically is like a nuclear missile, but does not leave any nuclear radiation. It has a limited range, and is relatively slow traveling in the air. The launcher itself is lightly armored, and is very fragile and volatile.

Strength: 300
Cost: 2200
Armor: Medium
Weapons: 6 Round Volley of Rockets
Range: Very Long

The M-270 MRLS is the EDF's best artillery support unit. With incredible range and overall firepower against all targets, it can be a dominating force in the battlefield. Its 6 rocket volley is a terrifying sight for the enemy, and has been termed "Steel Rain". Despite its incredible firepower, if it is left alone to defend itself, it is doomed. It is like the Pluton, fragile and volatile.

Strength: 3000
Cost: 3000
Armor: Ship
Weapons: N/A
Range: N/A

The MCC is the primary base construction tool of the EDF. It is incredibly heavily armored, and is really only vulnerable to ships and aircraft.

EDF Apocalypse Tank MK II
Strength: 2200
Cost: 2500
Armor: Heavy
Weapons: Twin 155mms, Tusk Missiles
Range: Medium-Long, Medium-Long

The Apocalypse Mark II is the latest in Russian armor design. Plans for it were made during the Cold War, but it was never put into service. Recent upgrades to its engine and armor have made it the most lethal tank in service with the EDF army to date. Its 155mm cannons have a superb effect on ships and armor and crush enemy buildings. However, they have been proven to be less lethal against infantry then expected. The Apocalypse MK II has abilities nearly twice that of the first model.

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