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SSIA Aircraft Information
  The SSIA Airforce is small, but not to be underestimated. Helicopters phased out of existed long before the SSIA sent its technology into the past, but there is a remote possibility that VTOL aircraft independent from Airpads may of survived the Time Transfers. The SSIA Airforce is specialized, with Fighters taking on strikes against stationary and mobile defenses, Bombers attacking ships and buildings, and Interceptors destroying everything else.

This page was last updated: April 01 2008
Prerequisite: SSIA Factory
Cost: 1500
Armor: Thin Steel
Speed: Medium
Passengers: 12
Special: Can carry small vehicles.
The Chinook Transport has been the main air-transport for the EDF following the dropping of the slow, lightly armored, 'Nighthawk' Transport. After the 'Super Chinook' project failed, the SSIA obtained the rights to manufacture its own Chinooks, which appeared to the be dominant air transport available. Chinook Transports are well protected against almost small arms fire and most pilots fly at altitudes different from that which most missiles detonate at. With its ability to carry some small vehicles such as IFVs and Light Tanks, the Chinook offers a unique tactical option to SSIA field commanders.

Prerequisite: SSIA Control Tower
Cost: 1600
Armor: Classified
Speed: Very Fast
Weapons: 3rd Generation Hammerhead Missiles
Range: Medium
Ammo: 4
The SSIA Fighter (class 'Victor') is a simple, mass production VTOL assault aircraft that was produced by the SSIA during the Main War. Airstrikes delivered by these planes became signature by the rain of missiles that greeted their targets. While lacking radar invisibility or a very sturdy construction, the Victor class is still a force to be reckoned with.

Stealth Bomber
Prerequisite: SSIA Control Tower, SSIA Research Center
Cost: 2500
Armor: Classified
Speed: Fast
Weapons: T-10 Fusion Bombs
Range: Short
Ammo: 1
Special: Is invisible to radar.
Flies at a high altitude.
The SSIA Stealth Bomber (class 'Besieger') is the primary bomber of the SSIA Airforce. Using captured and replicated Invader T-10 Fusion projectiles, the Besieger is designed to bomb holes into defenses, infantry formations and to sink ships. With a classified armor composite encasing the structure of the aircraft, the Stealth Bomber is very durable and flies at a very high altitude, providing it with the means to close the range and attack or destroy its target.

Prerequisite: (Comes from Carrier)
Armor: Classified
Speed: Very Fast
Weapons: 80mm Rockets
Range: Medium
Ammo: 1
The SSIA Interceptor (class 'Maverick') is a scratch designed plane to accompany the scratch constructed Carriers of the SSIA Naval Fleet, which it never had during the Main War. The planes design can be linked back to several prototype American aircraft designs, all of which never flew. While the first production models were equipped with all-purpose missiles, the final models stored on all SSIA Carriers now have 80mm Rocket pods. This greatly reduces effectiveness against targets such as buildings, defenses and fortified structures, but combat testing has shown the Interceptor to be unmatched in its ability to destroy ground targets.


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