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SSIA Navy Information
  The SSIA Navy was made entirely from scratch. Before the Main War began, the concept of a high-seas fleet had died off, and when the Main War began, the SSIA's space fleet was destroyed. Before the Invasion in the late 2010s, the SSIA's Engineers borrowed much of their ship designs off of existing and often obselete ships of the EDF fleet.

This page was last updated: May 11 2008
Raider Recon Vehicle/Transport
Prerequisite: SSIA Naval Command Center
Cost: 1300
Armor: Steel Plating
Speed: Fast
Weapons: 30mm Cannon
14.7mm Machine Gun
Range: Medium
AA: Medium
Passengers: 6
Special: Can fire on the move.
Is fully amphibious.
Can carry any vehicle.
The RRV/T is the standard SSIA Naval Transport. It can carry 6 men, 2 tanks, or 1 heavy unit. Armed with a highly advanced 30mm HV cannon, it is well equipped to deal with the threat of light armor. SSIA Command, acknowledging complaints of the 30mm cannons inadequacy against infantry or airborne targets, eventually ordered the equipping of a 14.7mm heavy machine gun to complement the 30mm cannon. Wired into an automatic targetting system, the 14.7mm machine gun is a fearsome weapon against almost any thin-skinned target that presents itself.

Prerequisite: SSIA Naval Command Center, SSIA Control Tower
Cost: 2300
Armor: Very Thick Composite Steel, Hull Armor Belt
Speed: Medium
Weapons: 210mm Naval Gun Battery
Anti-Aircraft/Submarine Missiles
Range: Medium-Long
Medium Long
Special: Can detect stealth and submarine units.
The SSIA Destroyer is a modified EDF Destroyer that has been stripped of unneeded equipment, reducing its radar signature and profile, making it a harder vessel to spot. As for its weapon systems, the SSIA has been actively researching a suitable alternative to the 210mm naval guns, which have shown an overall pitiful performance against other ships; it has been said the EDF Missile Destoyer can accomplish what the SSIA Destroyer does with 3 210mm shots with an equal number of 155mm shots, if not more. However, the SSIA Destroyers sensor and integrated anti-aircraft/submarine defense system is far above its EDF counterpart's, providing a superior early warning to impending attacks.

Cruise Missile Platform
Prerequisite: SSIA Naval Command Center, SSIA Research Center
Cost: 2900
Armor: Composite Steel
Speed: Medium
Weapons: CM-42 Cruise Missile
Range: Extreme
Ammo: 1
The SSIA Cruise Missile Platform is a simple platform designed to launch the CM-42 Cruise Missile. It regenerates its missile supply quickly, which gives it a vast edge in sieges.

Assault Carrier
Prerequisite: SSIA Naval Command Center, SSIA Research Center
Cost: 5000
Armor: Extremely Thick Composite Steel, Torpedo Wall
Speed: Very Slow
Weapons: Aircraft Attack Wing
Range: Incredibly Extreme
Ammo: 8
Special: Explodes. Limited to 4.
The SSIA Assault Carrier, very much like the Destroyer, is based on a purchased Second Red War ship. Unlike current EDF Escort Carriers and Fleet Flagships, the Assault Carrier takes an unusual approach to movement and protection. Instead of using a standard nuclear reactor, the Assault Carrier is equipped with several of the Juggernaut Tanks engines, which despite being nuclear powered themselves, produces nothing close to the standard EDF Nuclear power supply onboard most of their ships. In protection, the primary defense against a low blow like a torpedo or plasma cannon is mainly accomplished with a large torpedo-wall, which lines the entire length of the carrier on the sides, much like a tank's track skirt. These two factors are also believed to be the reason the SSIA Carrier is one of the slowest ships to ever sail. However, in terms of its Interceptor attack wing, the SSIA Carrier does not fail to deliver; its strike aircraft are unmatched in vehicle destruction. See the Interceptor entry for more details.


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