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SSIA Special Unit Information
  The SSIA Infantry force is resiliant and powerful. Each soldier is specialized to serve a different role. With joint-trained infantry like Medics and Engineers, SSIA Infantry forces are a great tactical option.

This page was last updated: February 18 2012
Eliminator Commando
Prerequisite: SSIA Barracks, SSIA Control Tower, SSIA Research Center
Cost: 2000
Armor: Advanced Intergrated Combat Armor
Weapons: Laser Chaingun
Range: Medium-Long
Special: Can garrison buildings.
Can detect cloaked and submarine units.
Limited to 1.
Can spot spies.
Cannot be crushed.
The Eliminator Commando is a combat veteran of the Main War with the Invaders. He operated within a squad of three, until early in the war his other two squadmates were killed in action. Him, along with the most elite of SSIA Infantry, are equipped with the most advanced laser technology that could be pulled out of the Shadow Projects. There is almost no target on the battlefield that cannot be destroyed by this soldier.

Juggernaut Tank
Prerequisite: SSIA Factory, SSIA Control Tower, SSIA Research Center
Cost: 6000
Armor: Incredibly Thick/Advanced Composite Plating
Speed: Slow
Weapons: 210mm Cannons
Laser Cannons
Range: Medium-Long
AA: Medium-Long
Passengers: 4
Special: Passengers can fire out.
Protected from radiation.
Can crush other vehicles and walls.
Limited to 5.
The SSIA Juggernaut Tank is the most formidable armored vehicle to exist. No tank even comes close to matching its firepower, range, armor and costs. Albeit clumsy, slow and awkward in appearance, the Juggernaut Tank is no vehicle to trifle with. Its 210mm APFSDS-MP rounds are capable of piercing over one foot of composite steel armor plating.. The laser cannons, 2 of which are mounted on the tank, are utilized on infantry and aircraft. After the idea of a secondary turret was scrapped, engineers decided to install a 4-man troop bunker near the rear of all Juggernaut Tank models. Due to the extreme amount of resources required to build this class of AFV, SSIA HQ has limited the maximum allocation of Juggernauts to 5 a commander.


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