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  Welcome to the Z-Mod Information Page!

YR: Zombie Mod, RA2: Zombie Apocalypse, Undead Assault more simply put Z-Mod is a partial conversion that puts you in the command of survivors of a sudden and massive global outbreak of a deadly viral agent.

NOTE: Zombie Mod is a Yuri's Revenge modification. Before installing Zombie Mod, make sure you do the following:
  • Be sure you have Yuri's Revenge patched up to 1.001
  • Remove any currently installed YR mod.
  • Remove any loose mod related files, like rulesmd.ini and expandmd/ecachemd mix files (except for expandmd01)
  • Be sure you are not running NPatch, RockPatch. They can cause stability issues. Ares is okay.
If it seems like Z-Mod is not having any effect, it likely because you missed one of the above.

Below you can navigate through information of the mod by clicking the respective buttons.

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