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The Chaotic Outbreak
Man does not yet know all the answers: all that is known is that there are four main strains of the virus. The outbreak ravaged the world, leaving an estimated 40% of the population dead within two weeks. Entire cities infested with the walking dead. Massive hordes formed everywhere, shambling endlessly for human flesh. Most of the civilian population was helpless- there was no cure and in the early encounters, no way to stop them. it was claimed that it took 10 9mms to drop just one of them, in a conflict where numbers typically were around 10,000.

Even in face of this grim reality, there is hope. Some of the civilian population survived- some through sheer wit and determination, others through coordinated evacuations by military and police forces. The United States military, mostly overseas in the Middle East, is rushing everything it can back to the East coast. The draft was reinstated before the government became defunct and fresh recruits keep on coming, and reservists have been activated. The National Guard has dug in and made salients through the country. Military bases are ringed with corpses stacked up to 4 meters high and yet to the exasperation of those waiting inside the perimeter, there are thousands more waiting for their chance to add to the pile. Armories have been raided and tanks and other vehicles have been brought into the fight- surely the undead cannot do anything to these.

Yet this hope is tinged with growing mystery: sentries claim these piles of corpses are emitting toxic plumes, plumes claimed to be a direct component of the virus. The current four strains don't seem to be it either- there are rumors of the undead that can attack from afar, undead that truly cannot be killed and undead that can even disable tanks, as crazy as it sounds. It makes one beg to ask: Who or what caused this outbreak? Can it be stopped? Why does the virus seem to be...evolving its victims rather than just simply killing them?

For you, the questions aren't your concern. You have your orders. Stand your ground and hold out until the main bulk of the army arrives...if it arrives.

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