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Z-Mod Updates
  Welcome to the Z-Mod Update Page!

Update 0.3
Zombie Mod was first released in late 2007. Since then, it has not seen an update. This may change by July 2012.

Preliminary Changelist

  • More Fun
    Increased starting credits and bonuses from Oil Derricks means you can play with more units.
  • Improved game flow
    Vehicles no longer count toward survival conditions. If you're down to just a Humvee, you lose- no playing hit and run until the zombies die.
  • Support abilities
    The military can bring in Special forces and get satellite recon; civil authorities can get aid packages.
  • New veterancy system
    Veteran units gain a significant bonus for each stage of veterancy they move up. Each makes them much more formidable than a green unit.
  • Garrison rebalancing
    With Ares, garrisons no longer are invincible to attack. Zombies will clear garrisons as they attack them repeatedly.
  • Vehicle rebalancing
    All vehicles are more expensive now and build-limits are stricter, making the proper use of vehicles more important.
  • Zombie rebalancing
    Zombies move slower, but are much more difficult to kill. They will not be able to damage buildings and vehicles as much, but will be able to cause secondary effects that will hamper their use.
  • New Zombies
    The near impossible to kill "Inviolable" and nuisance "Runner" zombies
  • New Human Units
    Civilian Riflemen and Military Rocket Soldiers to be added, as advanced infantry classes.
  • New Gamemode
    Ragers- faster, deadlier, but easier to kill.

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