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Star Strike Mod Information
  Welcome the central page for the mod Star Strike!

This page is WIP!!! I am currently rewriting the story of SS to be less...erm, dumb?

Star Strike's storyline can be divided into 3 main parts- The Main War, the First Incursion and the Invasion.


The Main War occurs in the future- roughly 2250 AD. 20 years earlier, a dramatic division has cost the human race roughly 20% of its population- those who believe in cybernetic/cyborgnetic ascension and those who do not believe in that notion. That 20% that did was very militant and violent and very much hated humans. They attempted to move away from humanity as much as possible and in all ways. In a coup, this faction overthrew the Mars settlement and of that 20%, roughly 80% relocated here. Then, in 2250, the entire, yes, 100% of the SSIA Planetary Fleet was sabotaged. Within days, a deadly barrage of missiles, lasers and plasma greeted the cities of Earth- major cities like New York stood no chance- they were completely leveled in what was literally minutes.

The SSIA, or Star Strike Interplanetary Army was struck completely by surprise. The Moon fell, its gravitational and atmospheric generators quickly captured in a fierce but brief battle. The atmospheric generator was shut-down for a day, a cold move by the Invaders as they had begun to be called. The entire LDF of the SSIA was killed.

On Earth, the already desecrated plains were subjected to a beating never before seen. The ground war waged for about 6 years. At that point, the Invaders' next generation of vehicles were being deployed and the SSIA was starting to get thoroughly routed.

SSIA High Command was frantic for a solution- Earth's nuclear arsenal was running low as was manpower. Utilizing the last remaining Juggernaut division, 16 of the tanks blasted their way through what was once Germany to a decrepit old research center used by the famous Albert Einstein 300 years ago.

Instead of carrying soldiers. these Juggernauts were loaded with blueprints for everything the SSIA arsenal had- everything from the Mark I Blaster to the blueprints for the Juggernaut Tank, and components to make the manufacturing of the equipment possible in a more primitive world.

When the last piece of technology was transferred into the past, all there was left to do was destroy the lab. It was the last order given by High Command before a Cataclysm Device impacted their bunker. Through an act of heroism, the last Juggernaut Tank, with a barely functional turret and one barrel NOT blown off pumped its last 210mm shell into the belly of the device, crippling it.

Shortly thereafter, the Invader's next wave attacked, annihilating the last SSIA unit, ending the Main War.

It was estimated that it would take 20 years to squelch the human resistance after the Main War, only 10 more years for the Invaders to adapt the ruined technology at the lab in the Black Forest to be capable of transporting a Class I Mothership and 40 years to reconstruct the SSIA from a technology standpoint. For this, the destination for everything that was time-warped was set in the 1980s, just after the devastation of the Second Red War.


In 2013, radar screens across the world showed odd readings. Within days of those odd readings, a vast extra-terrestrial invasion force slammed head on into the tense militaries of the Earth. It did not take long for the military to go on the attack on all 3 fronts, brutally slaughtering the Invaders in droves with little loss. The SSIA was stunned. Those who were not priveleged to know immediately why they were sent to this time period now knew- the Human military around the year 2010 was the strongest it had ever been or ever would be.

Sidenote- The Invader units encountered in the First Incursion are considered third generation, or completely obsolete.

THE INVASION (Present Day)

The year is 2019. Earth is caught in World War IV as a massive and mysterious invasion force slams into the planet. In a shocking display of firepower, the invaders cut through the conventional military body of the planet- The Earth Defense Force, or EDF. All around the world, the Invaders strike, often without warning or detection. In Russia, monstrous armored conflicts rage across the countryside, turning the ground into wasteland as the way to Moscow is paved relentlessly. In America, vicious urban combat consumes the streets of major cities. The population is left in terror, but miraculously, casualties are low among the civilians. Perimeters tighten, retreats are made, battles are lost- nothing is working for the EDF. This is where you come in.

Sidenote- The Invader units encountered during the Invasion are considered second generation. First generation units are too few in number to be sent back into the past.


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